Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arkansas, Part 2

First, the rental car we drove around and I got stuck in the mud in the Manning Cemetery. Anyone else think it is hard to drive a "strange" car? I had the thing two days before I figured out it had a sun roof! And I won't even share how long I stood out in the cold and snow trying to figure out how to put gas in thing! Seriously though the car (a C300) had some nice features but I would suggest they rethink the cruise control and signal placement - because the signal thing was hidden behind the steering wheel, I kept pushing the cruise up or down causing the car to speed up at times when what I really wanted was to slow down and make a turn.

These photos are of Merriell in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We went to visit a friend of my mom's and this dog is her neighbor dog but she lives about half her time at her house. I was told she is a Jack Russell but I know a Rat Terrier when I see one ;)

And this evil chihuahua is Peanut. In a fight with my old girl Chloe, my money would be on this one! She belongs to my cousin Vickie in West Memphis. I just assumed that the dog of a groomer would be well behaved but this dog is vicious and obnoxious! Now I know how other people felt when they came to my house and Chloe stalked and nipped at them. I must point out, however, that Chloe was never this, er, round :)


CiNdEe said...

ROTFL! That Peanut is so funny! Aren't all chihuahuas big and tough?(-: To funn!!!!!!
Merriell is a cutie! Look at that face!!! I think rat too(-:

Oh and Jack said yes he was sending Telepathic thoughts to his beloved Daisey!(-: Of course he wouldn't share anything else with me.(-:

Julie said...

I hate to see fat, evil chihuahuas!

luvonne said...

The 'glowing' red eyes on this chihuahua says it all....Chloe was precious - in her own little way!

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