Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arkansas, Part 3

Crossing the Mississippi at Memphis. Couldn't take my eyes off the road to snap a photo of the muddy water.

Bypass near Hardy Arkansas. The town road is so narrow that large trucks were knocking the side mirrors off cars so they blasted through the moutains to make this road to bypass the little town. The town is a shopping Mecca - full of antiques and quaint stores.

The school where my mom and her siblings went to school in Paul's Switch near Bono Arkansas. I couldn't get close enough to get a photo where you can read the name etched in the arch above the door opening - it was just too muddy. My Aunt Joyce said there are three different rooms in the school. (Paul's Switch is not to be confused with Ponder Switch which the area where my Dad grew up. LOL)

This used to be Knight's grocery store at the end of the road where my mom's family lived in Paul's Switch. My dad's parent's owned a similar store up the road a piece near Ponder Switch.

I saw this bumper sticker more than once. There were many more photo opportunities that I missed that would have spoken to the local culture.

Cool old house in Imboden that my mom and I want to restore after we win the lottery, LOL.

I couldn't believe how many abandoned, run down houses I saw on my trip. This one was in Mountain Home. I just want to go in there with a crew from HGTV and fix em up!

Love old barnes. I used to see more near the road but on this trip I would have had to get out in the mud and snow to get photos and I just didn't have the right footware for that.

Old water wheel somewhere in the Ozarks. One of the few photo ops with a safe place to pull over. Remember, these are mountain roads curving up and down through the hills all the while snowing. Wasn't willing to pull over in an unsafe spot for a good photo.


Julie said...

WOW...great photos! And that bumper sticker!!! OMG!!! I could NEVER live there since I read a different version! LOL!

CiNdEe said...

What wonderful photos! I love the old house you want to restore! Invite me to the House Warming when its all done...LOL(-: I love old houses! I would live there right now!!!
The other old place needs some work but its cool too and has a lot of character(-:
I also love old water wheels! What a fun place to visit(-:
The old School is great too! My dad went to a one room school house!!! Three rooms must be really nice!!!(-:

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