Friday, February 19, 2010

Jakey Boy & Other Rat Tales

We had someone fill out an application for Jake; however, when I corresponded with the person I had reservations about the match because they live on a 75 acres farm and were hoping for a dog that would follow them around the property from barn to porch, etc. More important, they were concerned about his age. Jake is 8 years young. This has me thinking about the value we place, or don't place, on maturity.

When I say "we" I guess I really mean American popular culture. Obviously the value of elders changes by culture, family, geography, etc. I tried to recollect television advertising where a mature American is used without a reference to age. Sure, they play grandparents, people using "geriatric products" such as denture cream or arthritis medication but do they ever just show up as a "plain ole person" who just happens to be senior? The most diversified TV ads that come to mind for me are Stein Mart ads. Can you think of any? There are so many products that I would call generic products (cars, cell phones, food, office supplies, name a thousand more) that don't necessarily need a young, thin, tall person as a representative of the user but, to me, I don't see many of them.

The same is true for Jake. He is a great dog and it is a shame that he is may be seen as less valuable because he is 8. I'm not slaming the people who initially inquired about him because for that one couple (who at least owned up to their hesitation) there may be a dozen others who read his age and moved on without inquiring about him. Well, those folks are missing out on a wonderful pet. He goes potty on demand and goes quickly because he much prefers to be inside the house than out. He's a good watch dog (typical rat terrier trait), very loving and devoted. He is the rare dog that would fit perfectly into an apartment or condo and I truly hope that is where he ends up. Hopefully someone will recognize a wonderful little dog and not place too much value on youth but, instead, quality. Who knows, perhaps someday we will feel the same way about humans. **POOF - I woke up but it was a wonderful dream**

And before I forget my other rat tale, I was elected to the board of directors of Ratbone Rescues!


Julie said...

Congratulations, Vickie!!! If anyone should be on the board it is you!!!

I hope Jake will find a great home too! I'm sure of it!!!

CiNdEe said...

Jake would get a long great here with us old folks(-:
I love older dogs(-:
Especially potty trained ones(-:
Jack hates it when its raining and he goes at lightening speed!!!LOL
Not sure any age Rat would just hang out and not want to chase something on a ranch!!! Jack does pretty good staying with me though but if he sees a squirrel etc he is off!!!! But I wouldn't want it any other way(-: I love him so much!!!!
Congrats on your newly elected position!!(-:

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