Saturday, February 20, 2010


The play, not my mom! LOL We went to the matinee performance at Carol Morsani Hall at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Tampa. We met a coworker and her boyfriend there and it is always a pleasure talking to him because he lives in Alaska. Then we went to a restaurant called Sideberns, modern Mediterranean cuisine.

I took this photo at intermission but my camera needs charging so photos today are not great. The map has "Oz" in the center in green :)

This is a shot of the building after the play. I don't know the temperature when we got out (around 5pm) but it was perfect! And, the sun was out today after a few dreary days.

Here's my coworker, her boyfriend, and my mom. The sun was low so it was difficult getting an outside photo much less driving west to go to dinner.

This has got to be the most unusual "bread basket" I've ever seen. Those skinny breadstick were spicy and good. The flat bread made me think of the communion host. The yeasty bread was excellent. No idea what kind it was but it was kinda grey.

Mom and I shared an appetizer (Myakka Valley Brushetta - local heirloom tomatoes, almonds, pecorino toscano fresco, anise). It was nice that they served a half portion on two different plates.

Mom and I each had the Poached Filet Mignon (smoke potato, mushrooms, raisin green peppercorn chutney, horseradish jus). The potato was odd. Not bad, just odd to me. The sauce was sweet which was also odd.

My coworker had the Mari Montanya (organic chicken breast, lobster chorizo rice, shishito peppers, catalan mole sauce).

And her boyfriend ordered the ribs. Sorry, the description is not on the online menu so can't tell you about it. He ate it and said it was good.

This is a photo of their patio for those who want to eat outside. It was probably in the 60's so there was only 1 couple out there - possibly smokers.

All in all a very good day with excellent entertainment, gourmet food, and nice people!

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