Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday, sorta

Attempted to do a couple garden things today but so far they are a bust. One was to plant one of those topsy turvey strawberry planters but we only had 6 plants and the thing has 15 LARGE holes so there is no leaving them open. Finally am taking down the one my Dad had me plant - Jerry actually busted it open with the end of the pool basket thingy used to pick up leaves. I put that same thing through the screen proch before. Ouch.

I will get back on a regular watering schedule for orchids, I will, I will but it is depressing after all I lost to the cold weather and bad watering habits. The closest thing to real gardening today was to put out a new lawn ornament I got for Christmas from Cousin Erica (not sure it is in the right place, may move it again) and to repair and update my St. Patrick's wreaths which I really don't like.

I added a few things to them this year. Not sure I like them any better but I am thinking perhaps next year I'll add some flowers or something and they will get to where I like them. They just look messy and disorganized and kinda tacky to me. Last year they were sparse and tacky so I guess it is an improvement. LOL

Maybe I don't like these because I like my Mardi Gras ones so much and missed them this year. I better go look in the garage and make sure that they don't have boxes sitting on them and ruining them like these St. Pat wreaths did. Took a lot of repair this year.

Flamingo had to get in onthe act too! My little front-door sentry is donning a bandana of the season!


CiNdEe said...

Very cute! You are the holiday wreath queen(-: I just have a shamrock that is from Michaels on my door!

Julie said...

LOL! The wreaths are really pretty, but the flamingo with bandana is exceptional!!! I need one of these. Looks more fun than dressing a goose!

lifeshighway said...

I love your St Patrick decorations and adore the Flamingo. Do you change his clothes with the seasons. You would be a blast for a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

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