Friday, March 5, 2010

I Stand Corrected....Well, Sort Of

I was informed by another blogger (see comments on previous post) that the photos I saw were NOT made by WalMart security cameras but rather taken at WalMart by other people who were at a WalMart store using their own cell phones, etc. She even had a name for Apparently the e-mail I received lifted a few of these photos.

So, I visited the site and confirmed these are the same type of photos in my e-mail. While I stand corrected on their source, I still think it is wrong to maintain a web site of photos meant to judge and make fun of people over their appearance. I am a firm believer of personal expression whch includes clothing and hair styles, facial adornments, etc. Yes, many of these people are dressed outside of the "norm" and I wouldn't be caught dead (as they say) looking like that but it still doesn't feel right for
a web site to collect unflattering photos and for people to visit it for entertainment.

Makes me wonder if it is "safe" to go out in public when everyone is armed with a camera phone!


Julie said...

Well, at least we know it is not Walmart doing this!!! That makes me feel 100% better. Thanks for checking it out.

CiNdEe said...

It is really amazing what people do with their phones now days! No one is safe from that I don't think! I would say they are good in ways for other things though. It is unnerving though. WalMart probably really hates all this going on.

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