Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black Beans, Yellow Rice, and Sex

Last night instead of going out with my mom, Jerry and I hit the road in search of something different for dinner. There are literally hundreds of restaurants within a 10 mile radius, ok maybe 15 mile radius, of where we live but I find that we frequent the same dozen restaurants over and over just because they are "safe" (meaning everyone is OK with them).

Jerry and I pulled into a parking lot based on the sign for a Thai restaurant but ended up parking in front a Cuban one. Since we do have Thai every once in a while, and have never had Cuban together, we went in. He had a Cuban sandwhich but I ordered the dinner with black beans, yellow rice, roasted chicken, and Cubean bread. I enjoyed it very much despite the fact that I wanted to go to a New Orleans PoBoy place but Jerry wasn't going for that.

Today the two of us attended the home show at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. My favorite part was the Tricky Dogs Show . Two of his performing dogs are rat terriers that he adopted from Ratbone! After the show, I bought a Rays shirt at the official team wear store - wow, expensive. I figured it was time to join in on wearing team wear to work on game days.

Tonight I went to dinner with two gal pals and after we saw Sex and the City 2. I enjoyed it and don't understand why it received unfavorable reviews. Could be that some people are threatened by strong, outspoken, successfull, and sexual women? Humm...... Perhaps some people can't stomach that women aren't always happy with motherhood and relationship every minute. Yoiu watch it, you decide.

Tomorrow is another Ratbone home visit for a family wanting to adopt the foster dog of a family I did a home visit for about 3 weeks ago. Someone it feels like "family", lol.

Later bloggers,


Julie said...

How interesting that you and Jerry had never had cuban food together before!!! Cuban is so big over here, you can't avoid it! Glad you liked it even though you were craving something else!

There was some sort of parody movie done on Sex in the City, and my SIL, who lives in Shreveport, LA, where it was filmed, plays the part of the red head. I have never seen it.

tina said...

I think I'd like Sex and the City movie. I really enjoyed the series whenever I had a chance to watch it. A very funny show. You know, I've never eaten Cuban food. If it is like Thai I don't think I'd like it but it is a really good idea to go outside of your safety zone and try new things.

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