Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Show and Tricky Dogs Show

Jerry and I went to the Home Show at Tropicana Field on Saturday morning. I went because the Tricky Dogs Show was performing at 11am and there are two Ratbone alumni in the show ;)

Here he is arriving for the show and getting the dogs to their spots on stage.

He had three ratties, a poodle, a jack, and a corgi mix. Two of the ratties were Ratbone dogs and he spoke of the virtues of adopting homeless dogs during the act. He also talked about some fire safety techniques for the kiddos.

A palm tree and sun made of balloons as the entry decorations similar to the last time we went to the home show and it was a wreath and toy soldiers (near the holidays).

Jerry standing by the Batmobile movie car.

A wird pool table made from a mustang car.

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Julie said...

What a fun day!!!

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