Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday

I've been busy in the yard this weekend having spent over 5 hours and two fingernails cleaning up the two beds along the entry way to the house. It was so overgrown you had to duck and dodge the limbs, fronds, and leaves just to get in my front door unskathed. It really needs to be completely replced, with the exception of the African Iris, because the plants there are not suited to the space requirement.

This bridal bouquet is the closest I came to flower gardening so far this weekend. I made the bouquet a couple weeks ago for a friend getting married on the 4th of July but she wanted something smaller so last night I tore it apart, removed a few flowers, and then redid it. Don't know if she will use it (was planning just to pick up a bouquet at the grocery store) but it's here and waiting if she likes it. I preferred the larger version but hubby thinks this is beautiful. I have to say it does look better than the photo.

Woody is going to meet the family and dog that has applied to adopt him. They wanted to meet him before adopting him and to test him with their own dog. Additionally, I will be doing their home visit so it's a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario.

I've been back writing again and am well over 200 pages and 50 chapters in my book. I have a friend reading it who says "hurry, hurry, I want tot know what happens" so I guess that is a good sign ;) I would love to do nothing other than work on it but my schedule is a bit busy for the next week or so. I am performing a wedding ceremony next weekend and need to work on what I am going to say, find an outfit appropriate for an officiate at a botanical garden, and I would love to get a visit in to my Aunt Flossie who is in the hospital.

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Julie said...

Oh you are too busy! You ned to just lay around and drink sweet tea all day!!! Hee hee hee!

Glad Woody is getting to meet his new family and dog pal ...or we hope anyway!

Best wishes on your upcoming wedding. It will be so exciting to marry someone!

I like the bouquet! It is colorful...

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