Monday, July 5, 2010

I Did It!

I performed my first marriage ceremony yesterday and it almost went off without a hitch. Luckily the only hitch was something no one else would even have noticed. The bride is my friend Christina and her new husband Ami seemed to enjoy the ceremony and the dinner party after. The fireworks were fantastic! We saw them from three different places.

The wedding was supposed to be at the Florida Botanical Gardens but we had rain that could best be described as a monsoon. So, the ceremony was changed to the restaurant where the dinner was served. Even driving into that parking lot we had to cross a river of runoff.

The food was remarkable. It started with 4 appetizers (conch fritters, pot stickers, calamari rings, and skewered pork with peanut sauce) and then we had a choice of salmon, stuffed chicken, mixed grill, or two sizes of sirloin steak. Jerry chose the mixed grillw hich included lamb chops, a skewer or terrikayi steak, and shrimp. I had the smaller steak but it more than I could eat even though it was delicious. The entrees came with wasabi mashed potatoes or this very light, delicate rice. We will be going back to that restaurant again for sure.

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Julie said...

Congrats on your first wedding ceremony!!! That restaurant sounds just wonderful...esp. the wasabi potatos!!! YUM!

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