Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Second Foster, Peanut

I started volunteering for Ratbone back in the pre-blog days (2004). My first foster was Eddie (who I adopted) but my second was Peanut. She actually feel like my first because she was the first one that I had to let go.

She was a tiny little thing, only 9 pounds. Barely bigger than my chihuahua Chloe and let me tell you, there wasn't enough room in this house for both of those Divas! She was very sweet, loving, and would do just about anything for food!

Here she is with Eddie. They were great buddies and she followed him around like a puppy although she was actually older than him.

Her arrival is a long story but i will try to be make it short - I did a home visit of her adopters, then I transported her and a couple other dogs from a meeting place in Ocala to Clearwater where her new family took her. Week later they called saying they didn't have enough time for her. They seemed impatient about Ratbone picking her up (she was supposed to go back to her original fostermama according tot he "rules") so my husband, who goes to bed around 8:30 and NEVER leaves the house once he is has his jammies on, said "if they don't want her there than we should go get her." Gotta love him for that one.

So, 9:15 at night we got dressed, got in the car, and went and picked her up. She was a joy in every way except her relationship with Chloe. She went to people who immediately fell in love with her and brought a doggie bag from Perkins to her at first meeting (there was a terrible accident on the trip to meet them and the interstate was stopped so her new family grabbed dinner while waiting on us).

Her new family kept contact for a couple months and then nothing. I know in my heart she is doing well with her new family.

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Julie said...

WOW...Peanut and Eddie looked like twins!!!

You sure married right!!! Nice husband, indeed.

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