Sunday, June 13, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday - Poolside

WARNING: If you are one of those unforunate people who is having a wet, cold summer so far, you may want to pass on reading this entry. If you do choose to proceed, don't blame me if you charge an airline ticket to a tropical vacation on your credit card ;)

It's so hot here in central Florida that our pool water is OVER 90 degrees. Sitting here on the porch under a ceiling fan helps a lot but the pool is the real star during these pre-rainy season hot days. After years of inviting people to drop by to use the pool we actually had two people take us up on it!

I was a little embarrassed when my friend Christina and her fiance came because the pool garden is SO overgrown - so much so that you can't even walk around the perimeter of the pool. It is WAY to hot and humid to fix it now. That is my story and I am sticking to it!
See? Bad gardener, BAD gardener. It's to the point where you are in danger of being "pushed" in by the foliage if you try to trim it. It's like it's alive and exhibiting a self preservation technique.

Later today (when the sun goes on the other side of the house) my Cousins Erica & Sarah are coming over to swim a.k.a. cool off.

Here's a decent shot of Woody enjoying the hot sun. Eddie spent most of his time hunting in the overgrowth, Daisey loves the sun and lays out on the patio everyday, but Woody tends to stay inside and venture out for only moments at a time. It was a neighbor's barking dog that got hiss attention and caused him to hang out for a few minutes.

Can you believe these plants? A little water and some sun and they try to take over! LOL

Do you see Daisey in this photo? She tries to stay away humans when we are in or around the pool. She doesn't appreciate the pleasure of a swim. I guess we really need to get some professional help for this yard because so many of the plants are now huge and unmanageable.


CiNdEe said...

Yay for pools. I wish we had one. Its hot here today too! I could use a nice swim in a pool(-:
Jack doesn't like to swim either. He loves the sun though and will lay in it forever if he can!

Julie said...

you know what...a lot of people strive for that overgrown tropical look by the pool...I say let it go! I am a jungle-look kind of gal though, judging by my backyard!!! LOL!

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