What I Made Today

A retro purse! It was sooooo easy. Didn't save much over buying one at the party store but this one is much more authentic. I even refrained from making a cell phone pocket inside; however, I did sew a velcro closure for security. Guess I am still in that Woodstock frame of mind. Actually, working on our Hallloween costumes - this year I am NOT going to be down to the wire, lol.


Julie said…
So you are gonna be a hippie??? Does Jerry participate? I have never been able to get my husband to dress up for Halloween, sadly. I give Jerry a big kudos if he does! It is always a nice feeling to get the costume thing done well in advance, isn't it. BTW...how was the dog party? I never got over there to see the pics...are they still up??? At Katie Scarlett??
@ Julie - yup, since I need to do a 60's/70's thing for work this week, and I have leftover stuff from Woogstock, I decided to go ahead and do hippies for halloween. Yes, jerry participate but he isn't happy about it up until party night when we get ready adn then he is better about it.
sorry julie, forgot to say that you can see the photos on KS. if youc an't find them just post a request and someone will tell you how to access them.
tina said…
Love the purse! It is right in style now as retro is the new new. Good luck with the Halloween costumes. I'm sure they'll be great.
Joe's blog said…
Oh, I really like this hippie stuff. Well done!

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