Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Visit To Sam Ash

My mother-in-law lives next door to a Sam Ash music store and after taking her to a hair appointment and shopping today, I finally went in. Wow! I needed to buy a music stand and wanted to browse some sheet music. I ended up purchasing a book of Mozart for flute and a PINK music stand! But, that's not all........................

I also bought a pink Ukulele! As if I need another hobby ;) Seriously though, I love the sound of a Ukulele. It reminds me of vacation. It's probably going to be the closest I get to Hawaii for a while.

I've learned two important lessons so far trying to teach myself to play: first, I need to cut my nails and second, I will have to practice, practice, practice to make my fingers curl to mash down on only the correct string(s). I love that it is small and lighweight. I have a guitar that I finger pick by ear but it feels so bulky trying to learn to play the chords.

Now, back to practicing my flute with my new pink music stand!


Anne Sutton said...


You are a girl after my own heart. Pink isn't a color, it's an attitude! Everything should come in pink! Love your treasures!!!

Julie said...

How is your flute practising coming along? You are killing me with the pink music stand!!! Love it.

My father had a ukelele. You know, that thing might still be in my Moms house!!! I will ask her tomorrow, and if it is, I will practice too, and we can eventually get together for a duet!!! Hehehe! Wouldn't that be fun? I would love it!

I must say that I will be jealous that you have a pink one though!!! Maybe I could paint Dad's yellow...that would suit me and we could be the colorful uke girls!!! LOL!

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