Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rambling Photographer

Getting closer.....down to 500 miles. Any quesses as to the date and tine my odometer will roll over to the big 100,000? Julie, you sticking with September 30th?

If there were 52 year-old flower children, this is what one might look like. We had 60s & 70's day at work - just couldn't do the disco thing. I am so far ahead on my Halloween costume for this year n- thanks to my work party. This SHOULD mean no down to the wire sewing.

Woody, my foster, not terribly photogentic. He runs from the camera and I had to hold him to take the photo and then shoot him from under the bed for more photos. :(


CiNdEe said...

I love all your dresses(-: The pups look so cute all dressed up! I guess Jack wouldn't like a dress to

Julie said...

Oh, Vickie, you look fantastic!!! Love the whole look...if there is a costume contest, I'm sure you will win! You look fabulous!!!

OK, I guess I will stick with Sept 30 on the mileage will be cutting it close... :)

Cute little shy pooch there...just like my Dooze!

Anonymous said...

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