Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vacation Day Six

Thursday started with a very nice breakfast at the Vendue Inn. Normally when breakfast is provided it's more the "continental" type but this inn does everything first class. I choose the mini Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and sausage. Then we set out to the market for a little shopping - we got there before most of the stalls were set up/open.

I bought a silver charm for my bracelet (yup, started a charm bracelet in 2nd grade and still adding to it only now it is a charm necklace) and a cookbook. I looked at the sweetgrass baskets but they were out of my price point. Then it was one last look and photo of the lovely lobby before leaving the beautiful and very old inn (300 years old). We took photos of some houses and flower boxes as we left town.

The alignment on this post is all messed up and it won't let me insert with deleteing photos so pardon the narration after the photos. I took a photo of Charleston Harbor and we actually headed south, for our trip north, to get a photo of the lighthouse at Morris Island off of Folly Beach. This is a no longer working and, as you can see, the island has erroded away. This lighthouse is in peril. There is a group saving it and trying to stabalize the foundation before it is gone for good. It was a bit of a hike to see it but I enjoyed seeing how proud residents are of their lighthouse - I particuarily liked the driveway lighthouse above :)

Then we took a drive to our last destination - Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. We stayed at the Oceanna Family Resort. We got there at night so we ate, took a quick walk on the pier, and then went to bed. The room was clean but quite a contrast to the inns where we had been staying. I laughed out loud and then maintained the giggles when I saw the bathtub. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but the tub is less than 4 ft long and 24" inches wide (I used the 4" tiles to measure). Jerry was so looking forward to a long soak in a tub. Ha ha

We had a FINE dinner at a restaurant across the street called Amos Mosquitos. I broke my all seafood diet and had a steak and I ate the whole thing. I believe that is a record for me for a New York. We were hungry.

We are now on our way home but I haven't been able to post because the Oceanna didn't
have internet access. Yup, you heard it - no internet. The woman in the office said some people were able to get access from somewhere else in this certain spot in the motel office (a chair in the corner) but that I might need to lick one finger and hold it up in the air and lift one foot. ;) She explained "they are stuck in Mayberry time". What it lacks in bathtub and internet, it makes up for in location aqnd activities.

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