Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vacation Day Five

Before we left beautiful Savannah this morning, we took a couple photos in the lobby of our hotel, the Planters Inn at Reynolds Square.

First stop - Hunting Island, South Carolina lighthouse.

Once again, I sent Jerr up into the lighthouse to take photos and I stayed below. He said this one really seemed to narrow at the top so I made the right decision not to even try :)

The state park was a beautiful combination of pine and palms. I've never seen anything like it before. Thousands of trees, millions of mosquitos!

I thought this was a beautiful scene at the park office. What you can't see in the photo is a number of dragonflies cruising around the top of the pond. They should be pretty fat on mosquitos by now. There is also a "do not feed the alligators" sign (who has to be told that???).

We had a very good lunch of gumbo, hush puppies, and flounder sandwhich in a road side cafe. Really, really yummy. I knew the hush puppies would be good when I saw they were irregular shaped instead of a uniform ball made in a factory and frozen.

After lunch we hit the backroads and made out way into Charleston. We drove through some beautiful and historical residential areas (near the Coast guard) before arriving at our hotel, 19 Vendue Inn. Here a photo of our beautiful room.
The envelope on the bed is a welcome card. These folks are very good at hospitality and the hotel is stunning and old. The floors are amaizing. They have a beverage area where everyday there is something cold to drink. Today is was orange water. Between 4 and 5 they had wine and hor-deovoures. The crab dip was delic. Then at 9pm they have cookies and milk. Tomorrow we will attend the brakfast.

There are two restaurants: a very intimate gourmet called The Library and a more-casual larger one on the roof. This photo is of The Library with only 9 tables. Could be any prettier??

A lobby shot.

This is the wine and appatizer area. I went down to take photos but ended up with a glass of wine and a plate with crab dip/cracker, blackberry, and pineapple.

There's Jerry in the lobby. They leave the front door open all the time (probably not late at night) so it feels kinda indoor/outdoor.

We took a short walk around the waterfront then....... an area called The Market. Reminded me of Pike Place Market in Seattle.
(That's the market buildings...they go on and on) Full of different vendors selling all sorts of wares. Most were closing up when we arrived shortly before 5 wso we will try to go back tomorrow. Loved this fall display - perhaps a jack-o-lantern totem?

I've seen a lot of these baskets and/orweavers in Georgia & South Carolina but nothing like at this market. They had mounds of woven products. I might have to purchase something from this woman tomorrow because she was making them right there in front of everyone and had the bundles of sea grass (or whatever it is) right there to see.

Just walking the streets before returning to clean up for dinner. Lots of fountains in Charleston. Unlike Savannah, the commercial and residential areas seem to be quite seperate.

The flower boxes on the outside of our hotel.

Dinner shots. Loved the upholstered & pillowed bankette seating.

Windown treatments were lovely too.

Beautiful chandaliers & ceiling.

Crab cake sandwiched between two fried green tomatoes.

Jerry's steak & my duck.

Dessert - cocoa crepes with a banana cream mousse filling.

While we were out strolling tonight, they came in for turndown and left something other than mints :)

Final shot for the day, Jerry reading & smoking his cigar on the pier near the inn.

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