Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vacation Day Four

This morning we ran over to Paula Deen's restaurant "The Lady and Sons" to get a seating time for lunch. That's the trick to getting in - you go at 9:45am to get a "reservations" to eat lunch or dinner that same day. Otherwise, you aren't getting in till 9pm. On the way we saw 3 mounted police officers. There are horses all over this city and I can smell them before I hear or see them.

Here's the little store across the street from Paula Deen's place. I liked the hanging flower baskets but the wreath needs some work ;)

This is Paul Deen's restaurant. Doesn't look like much from the outside but it is 3 stories!

Next we took a trolly tour and I took photos of interesting or beautiful buildings. You are just seeing a handful of the ones I took and bear in mind I didn't take nearly enough because I could only photo what was on my side of the trolly and when we were stopped. The city is filled with beautiful old buildings.

While I can't remember hardly any of the history surrounding some of the houses in these photos, I do remember the one below,. It is the Mercer-Williams house and the location of the murder told in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". Love the book and the movie. At one time the "Midnight in t......" tour was the hot ticket in town but now it is the Paula Deen tour as well as the regular historical tour.

I had many more house shots I didn't use because so much of the property was hidden behind these huge livbe oak - they are beautifu but they sure know how to ruin a hosue photo.

This house is interesting because it was built/owned by a metal or steel maker and everything other than brick that you see is actually metal painted to look like wood, plaster, concrete, stone, etc. Yes, even the columns.

Next it was lunch at The Lady and Sons. Here's a view inside on the first floor. We ate on the 3rd.

My cold chicken salad late. Jerry had the buffet and was super impressed with the fried chicken and green beans. all very southern cooking and very resonably priced too.

In the photo the girl is passing out cheese biscuits and hoe cakes. That's what you get instead of the standard bread basket,

A closeup of my biscuit and hoe cake.

Me, all stuffed.

There is also a Paula Deen store attached to the restaurant. Very nice store. Next we walked around and took some photos of interesting things. For isntance, consider the 18 inch rise on these stairs as well as the tremendous vertical grade. Now bear in mind the average man was only about 5ft tall when they were built. What were they thinking??

The city is laid out in a grid with 24 parks or squares plus other areas of green space. Here's Jerry just off the busy Bay street.

This photo was taken while I was laying on a park bench in Reynold's square just outside our hotel. It was in one of these squares where the park bench scene in the movie "Forrest Gump" appeared although the exact spot is a flower bed and the bench was put there just for the movie. Actually, they had 4 benches and none of them are in that spot then or now. Surprizing number of movies filmed here.
On our trolly ride we picked up Forrest Gump to give him a ride to find Captain Dan. It was an actor and it was halarious.

Dinner time came and I can't remember hte name of the restaurant we went to but it was nearby. It was a modern version of southern. In fact, the breadbasket was served with black-eyed pea hummus. Jerry ordered the special - peanut encrusted fried chicken, with gravy, biscuits, and mashed potatoes.

I had the local favorite shrimp-n-grits. They were parmesane cheese grits and topped with a green tomato relish.
Finally, the ghost tour! I really don't believe in all that haunting stuff but I wanted to hear what they had to say and I wanted to see Savannah at night without having to walk :) ok, apparently the "thing" to get in your photos is orbs and here are the photos I took that indicate to some a spirit is present. Look for little spheres of what looks like fog. You might need to click to enlarge to see it. These photos are of the "hanging tree". Nope, the tree isn't hanging but people were tried and then hung from it.

The tour also took us to the Pirate house. It was interesting in that it encompasses the oldest house in Georgia (sorta a house within a house), and it has/had a tunnel out to the river down in the rum cellar. They would slip drugs into the drink of men at the tavern and then when they passed out they would take them out through the tunnel and put them on a boat where they had to work. Strange HR recruiting!

The stairs leading to the rum cellar. The first one is a doozy.

Tomorrow Charleston and at least 1 lighthouse! Hope Jerry's feet are rested up :)


Julie said...

The days are passing by so quickly! You are really getting the grand tour of everywhere you visit! Beautiful!

Spotimom said...

Vickie, I ate at the Pirate House. It was really good and the staff tries to scare you by telling you haunted stories. Also, that "hanging" tree. When we were there on a walking ghost tour, one of Isabella's friends took a picture and sure enough there is this white billowy character under the tree...looked just like a ghost and we were all standing there and saw nothing like what came up on her digital camera...it was very spooky!

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