Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacation Day Three

Started day 3 with the discovery I had a sunburn! The weather has been so perfect along the southeast coast the last few days that I didn't even feel the sunburn coming on.

We ate our breakfast at 9am and left St. Augustine.

First stop, after gas and a car wash, was to see the lighthouse at St. Simon Island in Georgia. Wow - that St. Simon Island is sooooo beautiful!

I got a pretty good photo of the lighthouse - at least for me :) This lighthouse isn't as tall as the one in St. Augustine and it wasn't as busy so I thought I would give it a go at climbing it with Jerry. Didn't happen. I got half way and had to turn around. Not because I was winded from the climb but because as it narrowed I felt too closed in. Plus, it's isn't an open spiral staircase - the landings block off the view making me claustophobic.

Luckily Jerry climbed it and took photos. He is the better photographer anyway.

There was a beautiful gazebo, very nice museum & visitor's center, and all on the water. Did you know they held the G8 conference on St. Simon Island in 2004? Wow, small place, big event. We couldn't even imagine how they handled the security there.

Jerry demonstrating the width of the lighthouse.

Then we went to a restaurant that someone recommended called the Crab Shack. This was the view from our table. Click on the image to really see it ;)

OK, the food was probably pretty good, and it certainly was interesting, but I have to admit that I was a little turned off by the garage cans under the tables. Everything is served in disposable containers (not very green) and you just throw it away.

This is a cropped, zoomed in photo so it's grainy but it is of the old non-functioning lighthouse off Tybee Island. I believe it is called the Cockspur Island lighthouse. Obviously, it is only accessible by water. There is a marine tour boat that leaves from near the lighthouse but he was out when we were there.

But, fear not. We did get to see a lighthouse on Tybee Island!

Sent hubby up for photos again.

Now, is my husband a good photographer or what?!?!?!?!

Us at the lighkeepers quarters.

Finally, Savannah. Here's our hotel.

And our room.

We went on a stroll and found the "lighthouse" in Emmit park. It looks like a street light but don't be fooled, this thing is huge. Click to read details.

Vietnam War memorial.

Click for larger view to read inscription of monument. The City is filled with parks which are filled with monuments.

Jerry was convinced it was supposed to turn cold. It was hot and humid and we were getting uncomfortable before we found a place to eat dinner.
We ended up sharing a platter of shrimp and grits (local favorite I'm told), seared scallops (so good), and a crab cake sandwiched between two fried green tomatoes. It was sooo good that we ordered a dessert to share - a praline basket filled with ice cream and topped with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and mangos. Sorry no photos of these lovely presentation. I think Jerry is tiring of me taking photos of dinner, lol. Until tomorrow!


Spotimom said...

Where did you eat in Savannah? Sounds delish! I go there once a year for Isabella's chorus concerts and am always looking for a new spot to eat! I still haven't made it to Paula Deen's restaurant there, but it's on my list.

My Little Family: said...

We ate at The Pink House which is right next door to out hotel. Very gourmet. There were no reservations until 9pm so we actually ate in the bar/outdoor cafe instead of the dining room although the menu is exactly the same, same kitchen, etc.

We ate at Paula Deen's today. Hubby loved it. Very home style cooking. Pretty much was like eating at my mom's. lol

Tonight we are going on a ghost tour.......eek!

Spotimom said...

The Pink House is supposed to be haunted too! I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express right there around the corner. It is very nice for a Holiday Inn, but not a cool B&B. Have fun on the Ghost Tour! Bring your camera, that's how you catch the ghosties!

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