Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vacation Day Two

We were up and atom at the crack of 9am this morning. This is the dining room set for breakfast.

But we chose to eat on the varanda because it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Our first stop was the cemetery two doors down.

This is the view just outside our room in the hallway. The sideboard contains games & puzzles and stuff to keep one occupied.

This is the beautiful light fixture in the same hallway.

Photos I took on our walk to the marina.

We went out on this boat for a short tour of the area. It was special because the captain of the boat is a 4th generation boat captain in this area. His great grandfather ran a boat from Anastasia Island to St. Augustine many years ago and his grandfather took over the business. Eventually a bridge was built and the economy changed and his dad changed the boat business from hauling to tourism. He was well versed in local birds so I enjoyed that part ;)

Next we went to a nearby restaurant for a coke and a snack. The appatizer was so-so but tghe entertainment was awesome.

The window ledge next to the table had little trap doors.

They also bring you a basket of bread that is for feedingthe fish! You drop bread down the trap door and can watch the fish eat the bread. We attracted cat fish. Could even see those whiskers!

We went to a little museum. Lots of history here including prirates raiding the town.

We went on a trolly sightseeing tour where you could get off and on or just ride it around. The driver's narrated with the local history and interesting facts.

Next we went to the fort built but the Spanish in the 1500's.



Excellent orator telling the story of the Spanish occupation and fights with the French and British (Catholic versus protestant).

The walls are made from coquina which is kinda like petrified shells and sand. It was cut out in blocks from Anastasia Island (where the lighthouse is located) and taken across the harbor to build the fort. It's sorta like a natural cement block except it can fall apart so they ask you not to touch the walls
Photos of the B&B neighborhood on our walk to dinner tonight.

America's oldest street (according to the story people in Philadelphia think their is older)

Tomorrow - a few lighthouses and Savannah!

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Julie said...

Oh, Vickie...I just love St Augustine! Been tryin to get my daughter to attend Flagler College for years now!!! Hehehe. Looks like you are really seeing all the sites!!! There is a great restaurant when you cros over the bridge of lions heading to Anastasia Beach, just down a few blocks, on the left, once over the bridge, called Gypsy Cab Company. There is a putt-putt golf place right across the street from it. The food is fantastic and you and Jerry would just love it! I hope you can squeeze it in one evening.

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