Monday, November 8, 2010

After posting my vacation photos of lighthouses in Florida, Gerogia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, I was motivated to dig out some old photos and find the photo we took of a lighthouse in Hawaii in 1987. This lighthouse is located on the island of Kauai where we were married.

Notice the binoculars on my arm and the bird book in my hand. I was there to see the red-footed boobie. The lighthouse just happened to be there, lol. (I stashed away this photo because, at the time, I thought I looked fat:)

This photo is borrowed from a wehsite here. The site has lots more information on the lighthouse, which is adjacent a Wildlife Refuge, and about Kauai.


Luray VA Accommodations said...

Oh that’s great, I am impressed to hear that you were married in island of Kauai. One of my friends was also married in this place. Anyways, I have visited this destination and really it’s exciting place.

Julie said...

LOL...I was the same...I weighed 150 pounds in my early 20's (5'7"), nd I thought I was enormous!!! Now...if only.....

You were very cute, BTW!!!

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