Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bathroom Work

Our shower wall was bowed out and spongy (you could press on the tile and actually push it in) under the window. You can kinda see it in this photo if you follow the corner of the window straight down - it kinda appears darker in the photo. Anyway, now the outside of the house is showing some distress too so it was time to bring in a contractor.

Of course that means gating the dogs while they work, lol.

We were expecting just water damage from where the tile had cracked and from the window ledge not having a pitch but we found much more - termite damage! Luckily there were no active termites and the damage was old. The previous owner had "fixed" the termite problem but didn't fix the damage apparently. The studs below the window just turned to dust which is causing the buckling of stucco on the outside which in turn lets in more water. amaizing how damaging water can be.
So yesterday they tore out the tile, put in more 2 by somethings, and used some really nasty smelling glue to piece the shower bottom thingy.

Today, they added the backerboard for new tiles and partially added new shower fixtures (the rest goes on after the tile guy does his part tomorrow.)

What I didn't know when I was taking this photo was that the floor was cement.

Wet cement.

Luckily the contractor who had to turn around and come right back has a rat terrier and a jack russell of his own so he understood,.

Flooring by Eddie!

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vivian said...

I understand too! Thinking today I wish I still had my jack russell because there are lizards all over my deck! My JR used to love to chase, catch, and kill them-now the schnauzers just look the other way!! Hope the bathroom remodel goes fast!!

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