Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Eddie waiting patiently for his new toys that he is SURE are hidden under that tree!

I splurged and bought roses for the dining table and the it turned out we had to move them to the sideboard because they blocked our view, dah.

I only put out my largest nutcrackers this year. We were busy with the bathroom remodel with stuff strewn about the house and with too many "things" the house felt too stuffed.

Oops - photos out of order. We had a Christmas breakfast/brunch this morning, then opened gifts, then later in the day I cooked dinner. Here the dogs are enjoying sausage strata and raspberries.

Mom helping Marge open her gift.

Jerry with a new package of cigars.

Me with no makeup and a little tired from having stayed up late the night before to prepare breakfast.

Funny things - Eddie waited long enough and went under the tree, grabbed a gift bag & pulled it out from under the tree, then took out the toys.

Daisey with my newest nutcracker - i LOVE it!

Eddie, exaughsted from the brunch & playing with so many new toys, gets a much needed massage from Marge.

Eddie with his new stash of toys. Don't worry - Daisey did get to play with one. Woody slept through the day except for the parts with food.

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Julie said...

Why did Woody sleep the day away??? Looked like a great Christmas! We were very busy with the grands and then out to chinese buffet for dinner, while they were at their Dad's house! I went out tonight just to look up at the stars...what a show they were putting on...twinkling in a cloudless sky on Christmas night. I said a few words to my departed Dad, and it was a special moment.
Made me want to take up studying stars! Merry Christmas to you and Jerry, your Mom and Marge and the pups! P.S. That is a cute pic of you with all your freckles showing!!!

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