Sunday, December 26, 2010

Before, During, and After





We started with a bulging shower wall due to water and termite damage (old termite damage, not active thank goodness) and it evolved into a make-over because the new shower didn't match the rest of the bathroom which would be a big problem if we ever wanted to sell our house. This gave us a chance to install a new low-flow toilet that is higher (more accessible), and to replace flourescent lights with energy saving bulbs. Then I splurged a little on the granite counter top. OK, I splurged a lot but I saved in other areas to make up for it :) Oh, and double sinks for the first time in our married life!

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Julie said...

Yeah for double sinks! I had them in my first marriage, and have not had them in this marriage! I went backward in the sink department!!! LOLOL. Your new bathroom is LOVELY! I know you will love it for a long time!

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