Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Birthday and Office Tree

Three short days after Christmas is my birthday. This year we went to Island Way Grill which is where I performed the wedding ceremony of my friend Christmas last 4th of July - a very rainy 4th of July. The food was awesome! I read this restaurant is partially owned by the ex-Buccaneer Mike Allstott.

My mom got the cake from publix and it was yummy with the whipped cream frosting (I am not a buttercream girl) and chocolate pudding filling between layers of yellow sponge cake.

The two photos above were taken on my phone because I forgot my camera. This is my first time of moving a photo from my phone to the internet. Feeling rather tech-ie this evening!

Final photo is the Christmas tree at work. I put it up shortly after Thanksgiving and took it down today. Felt like a Scrooge. It looks much better in person than the photo. It had red lights and then white lights that faded in and out - not flashing or blinking, slow fade. I already had grand ideas for next year so hopefully no one else will volunteer to do it, lol.

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Julie said...

If your B-day is Dec. 28, it is the same day as my grandson, Donovan, who turned 6 this year!!! How cool is that? Your cake sounded yummy. Hey, I am a buttercream icing girl, and I just discovered it in a can the other day. I made a fresh banana cake with buttercream icing and it was such a hit!!! I had never seen it in a can before...but anyway...happy late B-Day!!!!! Your work tree sounded so pretty with those red and fading white better just beat them all to the punch next year...maybe I can remember to remind you like in October!!! Hehehehe...yeah, right.....

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