Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

Today we gathered at cousin Erica's house to eat black-eyed peas and exchange Christmas gifts.
Cousin Erica who let her daughter Sarah dress her today and that's why she has 4 pins and 2 necklaces on :)

Cousin Sonya helps Sarah with her Hello Kitty gumball machine

Cousin Lea with MIL Marge.

Jerry, who had a relaxing time watching football and eating.

Mom with Don, Cousin Lea's hubby.

Sarah with a pink ukelele that some of you might recognize.

Tommy, Cousin Sonya's hubby.

After the kitchen was cleaned and all the wrapping paper mess was cleaned up, Sonya, Sarah, and I went to Putt Putt Golf.

This is Sarah doing the happy dance after a hole-in-one!

Admission to miniature gold includes a soft serve cone from their ice-cream store.

It starts out all nice and neat but get this!

Finally, Sarah trying to plant a chocolate kiss on Sonya! lol

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