Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been hanging the same rose wreaths for Valentines day for several years now and it was time for a change. I'm not sure if they were getting tired looking or if I was just getting tired of looking at them. I decided that instead of buying new I would do a makeover!

My rose wreaths before the transformation. Nothing wrong with them, just have been looking at them year after year. I repaired a couple places where the silk roses were coming loose from the twig wreath and then it was on to the fun stuff.

I spent $4 at the dollar store for 4 packages of the heart picks - I wasn't sure which I would use so I bought pink flocked and red glitter hearts, each in two sizes. I spent $2.99 at Michael's for the ribbon which also has red glitter hearts on a background of pink. How perfect that the picks and the ribbon found each other! Also assembled my glue gun, glue sticks, floral wire, and craft scissors.

I cut the picks down to a manageable size - 2 inch was a little short and 4 inch was too long but if you try a similar I suggest you start with long and widdle down until you find the right size.

Next, added hot glue to the bottom inch or so of each pick. Careful! That glue stings like a son-of-a-gun if you get it on your skin. I still have little scar spots on my finger tips from 15 years ago.

Position the wet glue picks between leaves in areas where you think they will look best. Remember, if a wreath has an area that is a little bare, this is a good place to use something like this, or a bow, to help fill it in. I actually just glued in a few and then decided it best to figure out the ribbon positioning before committing with hot glue.
Casually placed the hearts and the tried out the ribbon in several places. First, the top center. Looks really good but thought perhaps a bit predictable.

Tried it on the side. Different. Because I have double doors and use two wreaths, this would mean also deciding if the bow should on the same side of each wreath or on opposite sides.

Before I tried them out I thought this wreath was going to be a bottom ribbon candidate but when I tested it there I didn't like it at all.

I made a very simple loop bow out of the wire-edged ribbon and secured it in the middle with a long piece of floral wire. No need to worry about a center "knot" on the ribbon or to cover the wire because it will be secured deep into the silk flowers. Placed the bow in the appropriate spot and and tied off the floral wire behind the wreath. Twisted many time, cut to about two inches, and then folded into the wreath twigs.

Last step before hanging was to position the hearts. I mostly used one pink and one red, each in a different size, together. There was a couple with two large or two small but never two fo the same color.

Finally, hung on the door. I couldn't get the red glitter hearts to show in a photo but in "real life" they are easily seen. Then I went on to updating my St. Patrick's day wreaths that I dont really like - those wreaths grow a little every year and some day I will have them how I like them but you will have to wait a while to see those; afterall, Mardi Gras is first!

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Julie said...

This has made a rather plain heart look spectacular, Vickie!!! You are a holiday girl...can't wait to see your other decorations coming up! I think I need to make/get some hearts to hang on my front bushes that have white lights on them.

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