Monday, February 14, 2011

Daisey Says "Happy Valentine's Day"

I made cupcakes for Jerry & I take to our coworkers today. Here's a pictorial of the process a.k.a "How To Dress A Cupcake":

Assembled ingredients and supplies

Used a boxed cake mix because...................

I'm not dealing with that red dye in red velvet cake! Did it once and ruined a top. I remember there was a time when I wouldn't use a hand mixer, I always used a wooden spoon. Now I wonder WHY????

Sloppy but ready for a 350 degree oven

Nekked cupcakes out of the oven and cooling. They say, "get me some clothes, baby it's cold otuside". They are so embarrassed to be photoed without clothes they are bright red!

Haven't had my cake decorating tips out in years. I had to wash them all because some bottles of coloring had broken and they were covered in dyes. Here they are drying - my little tip forrest :)

For the frosting I brought out the big-boy mixer. There were so many different cream cheese frosting recipes online that I ended up making something 'in between". Two 8oz packages of cream cheese, two stick of butter (= 1 cup), 3 cups of sifted powdered sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Yup, I said sifted powedered sugar. The Kitchenaid did the rest. Took a while to get it completely smooth.

Scooped it into a frosting bag/tube thingy and away we go............. (the first go round is neat but when you have to refill it things get messy(

Whew, no longer nekked, now they are cupcakes in their underware ;)

Time for a little dressing. I choose sprinkles and sixletts.

All dressed up. Now just a few accessories and they will be ready to go!

Decided the best way to transport them was to slip them into plastic cocktail glasses, kinda like a purse. I figured out how to get them in thbe cups but didn't think ahead on how to get them out, lol.

Now wrapping them in their overcoats.....

Tie off with a knit scarff, ok, a twist tie, and...............

They are ready to travel! By the way, no frosting was injured in these transports. The little plastic glasses protected them. I guess that is my one good idea for the year. I can snooze the rest of the year, lol.

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Julie said...

I think you did have the one best idea for the year!!! This was brilliant, and something I am sure NEVER to forget! Brilliant! Your little cuppy cakes looked so delicious and so pretty...wish I worked with your hubby so I could have gotten one!!! :)

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