Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glass Cleaning

I bought a new paperweight today from Jerry's store and discovered that my collection of glass objects I keep on the ledge of the clear story window all needed a good cleaning.

In this collection you will see paper weights and insulators. When we drove up the Al-Can highway from Seattle to Anchorage we came upon a construction area where the road was blocked for a while these HUGE machine knocked down old telephone poles. Those of us in the parked cars got out to stretch our legs and soon discovered the poles they had knocked down had insulator attached. We carefully rummaged through the piles of debris looking for unbroken insulators. We got 10 and still have 9 - gave one away to someone who collects them.

The new paperweight is the one with the jelly fish design inside and it glows in the dark!

Oh, and I noticed that a couple of the large insulators have darkened. They used to be perfectly clear but now are a shade between light grey and purple, very faint but there. They are marked "Whitall Tatum No1 and on the back made in the USA. The smaller, kinda square ones are marked Hemingray 2-51: CSC. No idea what any of that means so maybe I will look it up!

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