Monday, February 21, 2011

One Down - 24 to Go

Mom came over today and we spent 5 hours cutting fabric for 10 blocks. She's coming back tomorrow and I am going to sewing and she is going to continue cutting for the remaining 15 blocks. So far I've only chosen two patterns, both stars, but am considering a 3rd. Mom is new to this so I wanted to keep the patterns simple.

Last weekend I made cup cakes to take to work on Valentine's day (see earllier post). Well, I always get enough product to make twice as much for whatever I am doing just in case there's an accident in the kitchen named Vickie ;) I used the extras to make a cake for us. Been a long time since I decorated a cake but I was able to make the shell border.

I filled it with starawberries and topped it wiith sixlets. Red velvet with cocoa frosting. It was delic!

Finally, mom & I went to a sale yesterday and she bought an oil painting and I bought a new rug for Daisey. Seriously, the rug solved a problem with Daisey being afraid to jump up and requiring us to pick her up.

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