Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finished sewing the last blocks today. Yippee! Thank you mom for the help.

These blocks are going to be alternated with applique blocks that represent different holidays. So, I added a few holiday/seasonal center squares to some of the blocks. I'm thinking Cindo De Mayo for this one.

You're getting sleepy............................................

Cute little Japanese bunnies...should be cute, the fabric was hard to work with. It kept stretching. Luckily I made blocks than needed so they can purge this one if needed.

Ghost in the middle of the block. This blocks doesn't photo well at all. It does look better in person.

This is a pieced star in the center square. I just wanted to use that fabric because I nothing in the teal/turquoise,aqua color and it's a scrappy quilt. The fabric looks like drips of metallic too.

And here are all the blocks lined up on the wall., how to mail them off to ensure they get to Kansas with no problems.

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