Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Thumb Sunday - The Return of the Green Worms/Catepillars

Ack! You might need to click on these photos to enlarge to understand my response. Every few years we have a worm/catepillar year - depends on who you ask as to what they really are. They hang down from silky threads and form tents around some objects much like a spider spinning a web. We were parked next to this car at breakfast this morning. Obviously there is an oak tree near their driveway. Yes, those lime green specs are living, crawling organisms.

Look close at the photo below and in the very center you will see one dangling. It was quite breezy so they were moving when I was taking photos. I didn't want to get too close or to the areas where they were really heavy because frankly I did not want them in my hair!

My next door neighbor's truck. They are in the midst of "webbing" it. The amaizing part is that this is happening so quickly. If this was a horror story.....well, I don't even want to think of what Stephen King could do to this!

Here is the tree between her house and mine and it's the culpret. It is covered and I meaned covered in pollen. Jerry is a mess with allergies right now. The neighbor on the other side has an oak tree too (these are live oaks) and isntead of pollen it bombards us with acorns. Covers the cars and driveway and I guarantee you that even as small as they are, when an acorn comes plumeting to the ground from the top of a large oak tree, you are gonna know when it whacks you on the noggen. Both the trees also bless us with millions of small leaves.

Enlarge and look closely at the bottom of this shrub/tree. Those things have created a giant cocoon. I should have got a photo of my neighbor's mailbox because it completely enveloped. I was trying when one of the green creepy things almost landed on me and quickly ran into the street to avoid being cocooned myself.
It will be interesting at work tomorrow to talk to the meter readers after they come in from their routes (they walk them). Lucky for me I have a cushy office job ;)


Julie said... is sort of spooky how fast it happenes and I can see why you would want to steer clear!

Anonymous said...

We are being BOMBARDED by these little green swinging worms! Anyone know EXACTLY what they are, what they eat, and what they turn into?

5 Gypsy Kings said...

I found your blog trying to google what these worm/caterpillars were.
We are visint with my aunt and have our RV parked under her oak tree... these things are everywhere.
We also took the kids for a ride down pinellas trail today and had to remember to keep our mouths closed so as not to get them in our mouth.

My Little Family: said...

Ack! In your mouth??? Yucky. I had dreams about the dang things last night. In one of them they stung my dogs!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what they are called?
I was driving the other day, and I feel a sting on my inner elbow, and i look down and there was one of these worm/Caterpillar things on me.. i was just curious as to if they are poisonous?

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