Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deep Fried Green Beans

My digicam isn't woring well. That's the reason for my lack of posts. If I was posting, I would have shown you a photo of something very delicious - deep fried green beans! Kinda like onion rings only with green beans. Yummy. But then again, what isn't tummy when you cover it in a spicy batter and deep fry it ;)

I've finished a couple books lately. First was The Sister. Very well written although there is a lot of narrative about the culture of months and catepillars. I liked that it was unpredictable. The second one is As Husbands Go which is the opposite - predicted both who did and why. Plus, hard to feel much for a character who, upon the death of her Park Avenue plastic surgeon husband and unsure of her financial future, worries that she will have to wear "Vanity Fair" panties. Give me a break.

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Julie said...

I adore fried green beans...I used to have a restuarant hang out where I could feed my addiction, and they went out of only Perkins still has them. I need to buy a small frier just for these!!!

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