Friday, June 17, 2011

West Memphis, Arkansas

On our trip back from Arkansas we spent an afternoon and evening with my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob. We went to a local horse show with them and we took a drive to the levy where Aunt Joyce keeps her cows and donkey and my Cousin Vickie keeps her horses.

Aunt Joyce and Jerry at the concession stand. Uncle Bob & Vickie's son Justin were doing the cooking (hot dogs and hamburgers).

According to some horse-y friends, this kind of sign is typical at horse events.

Horse Winnebagos.

An event. I was too busy watching to take photos. I liked the barrell races.

Uncle Bob leaning on Justin's truck.

My cousin Vickie, her husband Jimmie, and son Justin had spent the whole day driving to Alabama, picking up this mare and foal, and then driving back with them. After that 9 hour trip they went to the horse show to help. Very active family.

This horse has a bit on his nose from my Aunt's new donkey. Humm....I wonder if she still has that donkey because it was not love at first sight ;)

Introducing Mohawk Donkey! lol Apparently he is mean to the cows and the horses so now he's sequestered.

Driving on the levy.

Aunt Joyce's herd. She has a bunch of cows and a couple bulls which means she has calfs each year ;)

Blondie? We met lots of horses but most of the photos weren't good. I need a new camera.

I love this photo Joyce & Bob's family room - where else would you see a computer on a roll top desk, next to a western sadle, next to a drum set?

Thank you Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob for a nice visit. Love you!

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