Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Calico Rock, Arkansas & Nearby Historic Area

More photos from our trip to Arkansas. I've always liked this little town on the White River. Two things really stick out about this trip and our drives around the countryside; a) rock buildings, 2) cicadas.

I just have to comment how dangerous this little area is because just past the sign is almost straight down into the river. I think they need a better baracade.

I don't know if you can really see the size of this rocking chair but it is huge. I believe it is for folks to sit in and take photos. Lots of people selling aromatic cedar products.

I should have looked this up to describe what you are seeing in these photos but basically historic buildings where a president even visited to dedicate two local dams.

My Manning ancestors had a similar house in the Hoxie area of Arkansas. By similar I mean a breezeway between different parts of the house. My dad mentioned one time that it allows for natural air conditioning. I've also seen tropical areas where they build the kitchen seperate from sleeping quarters in case of fire. Whatever the reason, I chuckle to think if modern houses were made this way Jerry & I would be locking ourself out just trying to get a drink of milk at night! lol

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