Friday, June 10, 2011

While visiting my stepdad Vern in Arkansas, we took about an hour drive to the little town of Hardy. It's downtown is known for antiques & quaint country shops and draws a lot of visitors.
In the window of a very old building. I don't believe it is a hotel anymore but I sure enjoyed the sign :)

There were several of these BEAUTIFUL iron benches in town - I guess they are for husbands because that's where I found mine every time I came out of a store. We went in together but I always came out alone.

The sign above describes the building below. It's an art gallery now but used to be a courthouse. (You can click on photos for larger version.)

We had lunch at this restaurant in a very old building that didn't have central air and heat - window units for both. It was a hodge podge of decorations but interesting to look at while we waited for our down-home BLT & tuna stuffed tomato.

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