Sunday, July 24, 2011

Green Thumb Sunday & Sunday Breakfast Recipe

Due to budget cuts, the plants in our office have either been removed or are no longer maintained by a service. They really didn't announce it to us, at least not to my knowledge, but eventually I noticed the decline of the health of this plant that were left in my area of the office. It was absolutely parched after neglect and I found it with all the leaves down, below the pot. I thought it was probably doomed but slowly tried to rehydrate it and, not only did it respond within a couple waterings, it is now healthy and blooming! Now I've moved on to some other plants on our floor that I notice are in decline too. Geez, they are living things and I hate to see them just die the slow death due to budget cuts.

There is a recipe going around our office, more like a procedure than a recipe, for making an omelet without using any oil/fat and without using a pan. Basically you crack two eggs in a zip-loc bag and add a couple teaspoons of several fillings (i used red bell pepper, vidalia onion, ham, and a mixture of shreadded cheeses). Smooch it all up to break and distribute the yokes. Then put the bag in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes. The photo above is shortly after adding the bags (i made two omelets) to the boiling water.

Here they are after 15 minutes. It seems like 15 minutes is a long time but i understand from other folks who have tried this that anything less it is too wet.

Photo above is just out of the boiling water. It pretty much looks like an omelet but I wasn't sure until I took it out of the bag.

On my plate! You could dress it up with a little cheese and/or chopped veggies on top but it actually looked better in person than this photo. I dont' like eggs cooked in oil or butter so this was great for me - i usually eat poached eggs but ever notice it takes forever in restaurants when you order them poached?

This is the inside. I did a better job of the squishing process in Jerry's omlet so he didn't have areas of just egg white in his like in this one.

My favorite fruit - papaya! Actually my favorite food. I bought a really big red caribbean one from publix yesterday and we had half of it with our breakfast this morning. It was fabulous. Apparently this fruit is serious about procreation, lol.

My friend Vivian, from when I lived in Seattle, taught me a little trick to squirt lime juice on papaya. Wow - what a difference it makes. Papaya is very good on it's own but with lime it is the best thing - my favorite even above scallops and I love scallops (having them for dinner tonight).

We also had home-made blackberry jelly courtesy of my friend Kim from Georgia who I met in person for the first time two weekends ago in Kentucky. Meeting my online rat-terrier friends was awesome, especially when they bring homemade jam and dog toys, lol.

The fruit that is plentiful supply around here right now is the mango. Lots of people have trees in their yards and it is interested to hear of the mango wars going on (ownership disputes, fruit stealing, etc.) A coworker brought in some from her tree to share. I don't eat mangos but jerry does. The first one was super juicy but he is waiting on this one to ripen a little more. The flesh looks a bit like papaya but is taste nothing like it to me.

I'm going to make tomato pies tonight - one for dinner and perhaps a couple for sharing. If you've never had tomato pie you have to try it! Kinda tastes a little like pizza but "eats" more like quiche. The few people who have tried it as a result of me bragging, have loved it. Seems pretty healthy too. I got my recipe from the blog Deep Fried Kudzu here.

It's been a long time since I've done a Greenthumb Sunday since my own garden is a mess but with all this fresh produce in my kitchen, I just had to share!


Julie said...

Interesting omelet technique!!! I rarely find a papaya with much flavor...I do like them, but I get frustrated finding one that tastes like anything. Last year I O.D.'d on mangoes, so this year, so far, I have left them alone! I want a tomato pie...will have to try the recipe!!!

JaMean said...

Eggs in a baggie?! Ok, now I HAVE to try this! I absolutely cannot cook an omlette to save my life!!

I wonder if we could put a camping twist on these by cutting the veggies, and pre-measuring cheese, then add the eggs when it's time to cook.... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like your blog !

Cassy said...

I want that reddish mango. That must be very crunchy to eat.

Cassy from Download Guitar Lessons

Angela said...

I love the omelette idea! I've got to try that - soon! Thanks for posting about it :)

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