Monday, July 18, 2011

Pic From Vacation

We are back from vacation almost a week ago and I'm just finishing up resizing and culling my photos. With my new camera I was inspired to take lots and lots photos. Since it was a doggie meet up I thought i would post pooch photos. There might be a couple humans thrown in just because they were in the frame, lol.


Jubilee "aka Lee Lee"

My Eddie


Amos & Buster (or is it Moe?)



My Daisey

Katie Scarlett

Sonic "aka Moose"

Katie Scarlett & Beau

Katie Scarlet

My Eddie


Julie said...

OMG! How do you tell them apart??? So many are the black and white...oh goodness!!!

Lake Stories said...

It's easy to tell Rat Terriers two are the same...each is unique in many different ways. Great photos, Vickie...we so enjoyed having y'all.

Katie Scarlett's Mom said...

It's very easy to tell Rat Terriers apart...each is unique in looks and personalities!

Great photos, Vickie. We loved having y'all!

JaMean said...

What a beautiful sight! Nothing better than a boat full of ratties!! :)

And yes, rats are super easy to tell apart.

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