Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pirate Cruise

Today we celebrated my cousin Sarah's 6th birthday - it started with a pirate cruise from Clearwater Beach and ended at Erica's house for cupcakes and ice cream. I highly recommend this type of activity to anyone who want their kids to have loads of fun. The crew was fantastic and kept the kids very busy and entertained for two hours. They also made sure everyone stayed hydrated in the heat and sun by having water, soft drinks, and beer & wine easily available.

I went with Sarah, of course, her mother Erica, her grandmother Lea, and her Aunt Sonya (They are all my cousins) and Sarah's neighbor friend Gracey and her big brother Noah. Noah whipped me at Wii, by the way :(

There were many activities including water gun fights, a treasure hunt, face painting, pirate stories, musical chairs, and a dance party. The kids got beads, pirate hats, and "gold" coins. The music was awesome and really added to the festive feel. We departed with Reggea, and then songs matched the activities, and the dance party was a lot of disco - you just couldn't help tapping your foot or swaying your hips.

They also have special birthday parties where they provide Pirate cupcakes and dress up the birthday family in pirate costumes. I believe it was a good value with lots of entertainment for the dollar. The kids stayed engaged the entire trip. Highly recommend.

By the way, they asked me where they could see "real" pirates and I told them off the coast of Somalia ;)

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