Monday, August 15, 2011

Miniature Golf

Last night I played putt putt golf with the cousins. It started out really nice but as the course progressed, we lost the breeze and it was HOT and humid. I had fun, and the grounds were lovely, but I was glad when we finished and went to feed the gators where there was a breeze.

A photo of the grounds. It was so sunny that most of my photos of the landscaping didn't turn out well.

Cousin Erica teeing off at hole 1.

This poor guy - you gotta watch out for the quicksand.

Cousin Lea shoting through the cave.

Lee and Don - too bad the one with them smiling didn't turn out because they both have beautiful smiles :-)

Don, a.k.a. "Pops", with Sarah.

Amaizing what little girls do when their mother's back is turned, lol.

When we finished golf Sarah wanted to feed the gators - a real Florida girl!

Turns out that feeding the gators is dangling a piece of hot dog on something resembling a fishingpole.

They have all kinds of fencing to keep the gators away from the people, or, is it the people away from the gators?

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