Sunday, August 21, 2011

Green Thumb Sunday

Daisey on the patio wondering what I am doing
What's left of my succulent garden after two years in what turned out to be a bad spot for succulents. My beautiful big jade tree did not survive the winter.

I've moved my succulents to the screen porch, and the orchids out to the key lime tree, so that I can better control how much water they receive.

This pot is actuallty broken but i like it so much that I am going to plant some string of pearls in it anyway. When my succulents were outside, something kept digging them out of this pot.

Orchids in key lime tree

My "pot" garden ;)

My backyard is a series of border gardens really.

The jasmine arbor freshly cut back.

Another bromeliad border.

Why is Blogspot adding these crazy spacings between my photos? I go to keep going back and deleteing the space but it never leaves it as I set it.


Kristina Clemens said...

Oh, how I wish I had a green thumb. I don't. Plants just do not like me, but these images are just gorgeous! =)
Kristina J.

Julie said...

Glad you got your sux moved! It seems like everything here lately has been drenched or dry...not inbetween! In is hard working full time. Oh well. Love your jasmine arbor...very pretty!

Skeeter said...

In this heat, a Pot Garden looks like the way to go. LOL.... May I take a dip in the pool?? Ah, must be refreshing after a hot summer day...

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