Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eddie Does Taco Bell

Gonna need a minute to decide.

Yeah, I'll have a chicken taco please. Hold the lettuce.

Hurry up already...we're starving here.

Hold up...yup, smells like chicken taco to me!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I recently watched a television show about people who make a living, yes make a living, entering and winning sweepstakes and contests. Since they aren't all cash prices, these folks often sell their winning to make cash. The successful ones treated it like an 8 hour a day job. It was interesting to learn that this could be done online 24/7.

Soooooo, being the curious and slightly cynical person that I am...........I started entering sweepstakes online and will do so until I win something. So far in life the only thing I have won is jury duty ;) It will be interesting to see how long I have to do this before I actualy win something. I've entered for gift cards, vacations, golf clubs, books, dvd's, fancy dog beds, artisan dog bowls, dog food, tickets, kindle, i think you get the idea.

One thing I did before entering was to set up a second e-mail account because I knew my e-mail would be bombarded and that has worked out well. I've also made a committment to a half hour at least 5 days a week (the pros say the weekend is best because less people enter and there are many short term contests).

I will let you know when/if I win something. I'm not giving up my job, I just want to see if even I can win something. Dog food would be nice :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sarasota part 3

My last post from our quick trip to Sarasota - tree roots. Actually these were taken on Longboat Key. There were many trees like these. They were cool and spooky at the same time. Click for larger image. BTW, these trees make me want to be a better photographer.

Sarasota part 2

We saw this painted aluminum statue yesterday while driving around Sarasota but it was raining and there was too much traffic at the time to pull over in an area where I don't know the streets. So with the sun shining today we set out to find it again. Turns out it's not hard to find a 26 foot sculpture.

After looking it up online (to find out how tall it is) I discovered the donation was controversial. Interesting. Apparently some questioned if it was even art.

I've always been interested in WWII-era things (music, clothing) and can see why they are called The Greatest Generation.

Sarasota, part 1

Mom & I are in Sarasota visiting my Aunt Flossie - she is 94 and recently broke a hip and then developed pnumonia while in the hospital. While she's weak, I found her in much better condition and spirits than I would expect for a 94 year old with these medical issues. We decided to spend the night here and visit her again this morning before heading back home.

Last night we had dinner at Da Ru Ma. I couldn't resist the name! Jerry & I used to eat at a restaurant of the same name when we lived in Anchorage. I believe it was our special place although we never really declared that title. We often went there after one of us had been traveling and it was out first meal back together. The Da Ru Ma here offers Teppenyaki and it had a Vegetarian Hibichi dinner so I was happy. Full and happy.

OK, I've mentioned that I am not a great photographer and I don't seem to be gretting any better with practice so the photo above may look strange with the confusing shadows. This is a photo in the ladies room at Da Ru Ma. The sink stands were twisted bronze schulptures, possibly of mangroves, and the basins were some sort of metal. They were actually quite stunning and deserved a better photographer.

My family, bless their hearts, has been cocerned about me finding something to eat when we go out every Saturday night. I think they are having much more trouble adjusting to my vegetarian diet than me! lol.......anyway, here are two examples of just how easy it is to eat vegetarian even if the menu does not offer vegetarian dishes (other than salads). Above is my dinner from Rumba Saturday night - side of garlic mashedm, sauted veggies, and black beans.

My plate from Golden Corral last Saturday - cornbread stuffing, green beans, corn, fried cabbage, mac & cheese, and pinto beans. Yummy southern cooking!

It was raining hard yesterday so I had to pass on some local photo ops but hopefully today I can get some interesting shots of Sarasota to share.

Neighborhood Muscovy

Broke Wing So, back in March a mama Muscovy showed up with 14 ducklings in the pond across the street. These ponds are retention pond...