Sunday, January 22, 2012

35 Years Ago Today

Thirty five years ago today I was married at age 19 (barely). The marriage lasted 8 years. I recently came into posession of the photos again and thought I would share. We may be divorced but it is still a part of my life.
I was the first person I knew to have this type of wedding invite. Everyone else's at the time were white, embossed invites. I wanted a non-tradiitonal traditional wedding.

Farrah Facett hair! Back then I didn't use any hair products, not even hairspray, and only eye makeup.
 Me and my Dad. I can tell this one was staged, not an actual down-the-aisle shot, because I have on my wedding band. It's easy to spot that jade band (another non-traditional tradition).
And finally, the bride and groom with a peak of my Aunt Mary. I designed that bouquet and it was the first time the florist ever made a cascading bouquet or used ivy. She had a hard time keeping the long strands from falling out. The florist was used to making those traditional round bouquets.


Julie said...

Oh gosh...what a beautiful young bride you were...I should get out the pics from my first wedding! I have one where my Dad is kissing me just before the ceremony with light coming in through the window...great memories!!! Do you know where your first husband is now???

My Little Family: said...

Oh yes...we are friends on FaceBook. Other than that, very little contact. Since hooking up on FB I've sent him things that belonged to him and vice versa. LOL, 30 years later.

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