Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

We are at it again. It was only December 2010 when we remodeled our master bathroom due to a water damaged rotted shower wall. Initially we were just did the shower but then the bathroom looked odd - half old, half new. So, since we had a high flow toilet and the large vanity only had one sink, we went ahead and replaced those and the flooring. This year is similar story but in the guest bathroom - some water & termite damage around this stained glass window, rotten vanity that was falling apart, and high flow toilet.

You can see the tile surrounding the tub/shower has been removed as well as the tile flooring (some of those were loose too) the toilet, and the rotten vanity. This was early demolition. I didn't get any tub out photos.

New tub in (Jerry's Christmas present was a jetted tub) and the first day of tiling the tub/shower area. The tiles are travertine. We used that in the other bathroom and were very happy with it. The board is where the trim tiles will go - they are slate.

The floor is ceramic tile in planks instead of squares. Mom & Jerry not fond of them but when the room is finished I believe they will like them. This is the day they were set but not grouted.

The photo above is trim tile set and floor grouted. You can also see the new tub in place - it's white, the other was being.

The vanity, below, is not actually installed yet. I just set it in place so the countertop guy could crate a template.

I cropped this photo so you could only see new stuff which gives an indication of how it will look. Still have lots of work - walls, lights, vanity & countertop, toilet, etc. but it is moving right along. Stay tuned!

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Julie said...

Very exciting...looking good already!!! That tub sounds very exciting!!!

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