Friday, April 12, 2013

United States Daughters of 1812

My mom and I spent April 3 - 9 in Washington DC to attend the national Associate's Council of the National Society United States Daughters 1812.
I am the Alaska state president so it's about time I went ;)  Here's some photos:
Me on day 1 of meetings - my first time to Associate Council.

Mom on day 1 in lobby of our hotel (Hamilton Crown Plaza)

My Alaska buddy Michelle giving her report as a National Committee chair.
 Dressed for first night banquet 

Michelle, me, and mom in our dress up clothes.

Day 2 of meetings. I had to give my state president report in front of everyone! I lived through it.

My mom day 2

Banquet day 2 - in our finery again.
Me and Michelle with the President National (notice the wide sash).
The three amigos at brunch on Sunday, last day.

The National headquarters building where we went to tea after attending a memorial service around the corner at Grace Reformed Church where Teddy Roosevelt attended. 
President National at her desk in headquarters signing the charter for a new chapter!
Getting the dining room set up for tea (above) and the ladies getting ready (below).

 The building next door also owned by the National society. It is used as a library and museum.

 First room in the library.

Me on the 2nd floor in the museum still wearing my gloves from the memorial service and tea.

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Julie said...

You were so beautiful each and every day and event! Looks like such a fun time! Did your Mom enjoy it ???? What a great time to have together!

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