Saturday, August 24, 2013

More Pony Bead Creations

I made this bowl by first melting beads in a cake pan, cooling it, and then remelting the disc over an upside down copper mold.

Made this suncatcher by melting beads in a cake pan but with three cookie cutters to create negative space. Not easy to remove. Then I used the cookie cutters to make three dragonflies to hang; however, two of them are still stuck in the molds and broken. So, then I laid beads out individually in a dragonfly pattern and melted those. I broke one of those while trying to drill a hole in it. Luckily the one I broke and the one I was able to remove from the mold were the same color so I still ended up with one of each color.

*Additional info - I purchased a tall Betty Crocker toaster oven from Friends of Strays thrift shop for $20 so I could melt the beads outside and avoid fumes in the house. Now hubby says the toaster oven is too nice to use as a craft oven ????

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