Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

Jerry basically kicked me out of the house in terms of melting pony beads (because of the toxic fumes) even though I opened windows and doors and ran the fans. So, after breakfast yesterday he took me to a thrift store he knew about in search of a toaster oven I could use outside. Didn't find the oven at that store but did find a couple of other treasures ;)
First was one of those "wave" afghans from the 70's. This one is very sturdy or else it was never used because it is in perfect condition. The colors match my living room so well and as you can see, it is Declan approved. Seems to me these types of afghans are so far out they are back in!

Next, I found a Judy Severson embossed quilt print in a horrible frame and mat job. I love her stuff and have one already. Mine needed reframing anyway so I removed both from their captives frames and will soon take them to Michael's. Got a great bargain.

Finally we went to "my" thrift store where we found a fabulous toaster oven that will fit taller stuff and a couple molds that I used in the project as well. :)

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