Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm in Philadelphia with my mom. We are going to attend a wedding the wedding of Jerry's cousin Maureen's son Kevin this weekend in New Jersey. With Marge being in such a delicate state, and in process of moving back to assisted living from the rehab facility, he decided not to go. Luckily, my mom was agreeable to come to the big city with me.

I have photos to post but not enough time right now - I did put some on Facebook. We arrived on Saturday afternoon and have been doing the touristy thing around Philly since then. Seen the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsey Ross house, ate cheesesteak sandwiches, visited Chinatown and Reading Terminal Market. Tomorrow we are taking the train to Delaware to visit Winterthur Museum & Gardens and then a tour through New Castle. As you may know I do genealogy and several of my lines were in New Castle at one time.

Wednesday we are going to enjoy a spa then head to New Jersey for the remainder of our trip. There's the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception, but everything else is unscheduled. Hopefully we will find an opportunity to visit Atlantic City since I have heard so much about it.

Until then..............

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Julie said...

What great fun!!!!! Hope you will get to go to Atlantic City. Hope Jerry's Mom doing ok too!

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