Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vacation Day 1 - Arrival in Philadelphia

Shortly after arriving at the Philadelphia airport we saw hundreds of people with flags. Some were wearing tee-shirts with "Hawgs and Heros" and I heard one say they were meeting an Army Captain. They were everywhere and so many flags was quite moving.

Our accommodations were Penn's View Inn. It is in the Penn's Landing area of the city. It was close to the Delaware River but with Interstate 95 separating it, (who puts an interstate between a historic section of town and a waterfront?)

Out hotel room. Notice the diminutive closet (on the right). What you can't see is the beautiful old hardwood floors. Nice. Oh, and the bathroom was fabulous with a Jacuzzi tub.

Another shot of the room.

There were a couple cut outs to show that the walls are actually brick but covered with plaster and paper.

A statue near our hotel.

We arrived hungry yet we had dinner plans so we split a Philly Cheesesteak on Market St near our inn.

We went for a short stroll and I came across this historic post office called the Benjamin Franklin post office. If I recall from the tour the next day, it's in a building that Mr. Franklin used to own (a multi-family rental).

A "street" near our hotel. It looks like an alley because it is narrow yet there are houses that open onto this street. It's obviously wide enough for a horse carriage as you can see by the droppings.

A little further down the street the sidewalk widened and houses looked more like individual houses than doors to a common building.
 Same as above but shot from the other end. The architecture in Philly is beautiful and well preserved in many areas (we were staying in what is known as Old City and filled with historical significance.)

We rested up a bit then got ready for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre in Society Hill at Bistro Romano. The first half hour was cocktails and appetizers on the street level (restaurants was on lower level) then up to the second floor for the show and dinner. I thought this was a beautiful view while we waited.

I took this photo of the houses across the street from the restaurant while we enjoyed our drink and nibbles. Philadelphia is remarkably green with trees and plants - in fact, it makes it difficult for the tour buses with people having the bend and dodge.

The performance was about a murder at a 12 step meeting. The actors are the waiters. Ours played a hipster so it was his jobto be putout by the mundane job as he delivered our food and cleared the table.

Mom at our table

Me slumped in my chair.

My computer just told me my battery is low and that's the last photo taken on day 1. On day 2 we take a tour bus/trolly and do a bit of sight seeing. Stay tuned.

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