Friday, September 27, 2013

Vacation Day 4 - Train Trip to Delaware

Me with my hair up and sunscreen on ready to start the day. (Actually I was photographing the sore spot created on my nose by my glasses.)

The art deco train station in Philadelphia. Much more efficient and easier than airports.

Relief mural in train station.

The seats were much more comfortable than an airplane. Unnerving that there is no seatbelts though. When we got to Wilmington we were picked up by a tour guide who dropped us off at Winterthur gardens and museum for a few hours (owned by the DuPont's).

 A selection of photos from Winterthur - I took way too many

After Winterthur she took us to the town of New Castle because it's on my genealogy research over and over but that was back in the early 1700's or late 1600's so I didn't find any kin. Notice the black spot on this historical house - it is an emblem to note that the house is insured so, back in the day, the fire brigade would show up to help if there was fire.

The oldest house in New Castle called the Dutch House.

Backyard of Dutch house and it smelled divine.

 Another historic house but notice the "busy body" on this one. It's in the upper middle window. Basically a low tech way to see is at your front door.
Then we went back to Wilmington to catch the train and had about an hour to kill. This replica ship is on the waterfront.

I mentioned the Old Swede's church in Wilmington to our tour guide, because I have "people" who are supposed to have been buried there a long time ago so she took us by to see the church and burial area.

When we returned to Philly we went to a restaurant on the waterfront then called it a night,

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